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Watch the History of Binalatongan Community College

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Binalatongan Community College - HISTORY


The Binalatongan Community  College as source of inspiration, pride, and cornerstone of emerging opportunities in producing 21st century professionals in the global community


BSIT Quote of the Month…

Technology transforms people’s lives. From mitigating poverty to simplifying processes, ending corruption to providing better services, Technology is omnipresent. It has become the single-most important instrument of human progress.


The Binalatongan Community College shall provide advance technological and professional education leading to an academic degree inculcating in them good values and desirable personality to sustain the purpose-oriented BCCian spirit. It shall develop competitive graduates with transformative knowledge, skills, and attitude in instruction, research, extension and production services.

Education Department Updates

Incoming 4th year students will continue their bridging class in their preparation for the internship...

Prof. Jesusa Alguno , DEAN